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Bedupako and its content are provided "as is".  The songs available on Bedupako.Com™’s Live-Radio ( have been collected from Internet via various websites, search engines, social networking websites and P2P networks. The copyright of these songs remains with the original producer or publisher or owner of the song and Bedupako.Com™ disclaims itself of any copyright infringements, express or implied caused by playing these songs as, these songs have been made available via this interface for non-commercial use. Bedupako.Com™ shall take immediate steps to remove any song reported to be exclusively copyrighted, provided the same is reported to Bedupako.Com™ in writing via email providing all the necessary information including contact details of the copyright owner. Under all circumstances, Bedupako.Com™’s liability will be limited to pulling down such song from its interface and it will not be liable for any damages caused to the copyright owner due to its availability here.

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The process of development is not one sided. We at bedupako™ firmly believe that users should have a say in what songs we put online. We would like you to contribute songs. Please ensure that you do not break any copyrights and are within the legal limits of your land/state laws.


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