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In June, 2008 an NRI folk music lover from the state of Uttarakhand came up with a dream of creating the most comprehensive database of Uttarakhand’s music ever. He dreamt of a platform where each genre of authentic folk from the ‘Devbhoomi’ would be just a click away from folk lovers; a platform where lyrics of our most admired Uttarakhandi songs would be on screen within seconds; a platform where youth of today could exhibit his/her creative compositions & get acknowledged and above all a platform which makes our future generations feel proud of their rich cultural heritage and motivate them to contribute to their folk in ways they like best.

His was a big dream and he named his dream “The Folk Genome Tank of Uttarakhand”. Like human ‘Genome’ this Folk Genome was planned to be the entirety of Uttarakhand’s Folk. The idea was to capture the 'genes' i.e. 'musical attributes' (melody/ harmony/ rhythm/ instrumentation/ arrangement/ lyrics/ singing) of folk signifying unique magical identity of each song in this genome. It had to have all about what each individual song sounds like.

To turn this dream into reality; team Bedupako.Com™ was formed, to capture the essence of Uttarakhand folk at its grass root level.  The team has listened to songs of various folk artists from the state of Uttarakhand ranging from traditional to modern and popular to obsolete. These songs were heard several times to identify and record musical qualities of each song one attribute (genre, occasion, singer and lyrics) at a time and a comprehensive database has been created.

The journey has been quite adventurous; at times little crazy too!! However, now that we have a small yet extraordinary collection of our folk genome, we might as well be your guide as you explore it :) As we endeavor to include the great new music coming out of individual studios, houses, villages, communities, forests and schools of Uttarakhand; we hope you not only enjoy our efforts but also help and support us making it better each day.

Bedupako.Com™ is a small leap towards a big vision. Come be our Global Folk Ambassador!!


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Looking for contributions - Upload

The process of development is not one sided. We at bedupako™ firmly believe that users should have a say in what songs we put online. We would like you to contribute songs. Please ensure that you do not break any copyrights and are within the legal limits of your land/state laws.


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