Jaydrath Vadh Varta Part of Pandav Nritya - Song details.

Song Name: Jaydrath Vadh Varta Part of Pandav Nritya
On the 13th day of the Kurukshetra war Abhimanyu leads the Pandava attack into the Chakravyuha The 16 year old reigns terror upon the Kaurava army but is unfairly killed by seven great warriors together.
His bereaved family deeply mourns his death and upon returning from another battlefield Lord Krishna and Arjun also learn about his murder. Overcoming his grief Arjun vows to slay Jaydrath on the next day of the war for having disgraced his sons corpse by crushing its head with his foot.
Thus with divine intervention, Arjun manages to fight all odds and decapitate Jaydrath before sunset.
Genre Pandav Nritya Occassion
Singer Preetam Bhartwan And Others
Rating 5 Year: 2007 Language: GARHWALI
Song uploader Bhauni Hits 907

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